We are a web studio that helps internet companies scale to their full potential as fast as possible.

Noco was one of the first no-code web studios in the world. Our focus lies on internet businesses that want to move fast and need their website to move in lockstep.

Why Noco?

Highest quality
Our team of designers and developers are leading when it comes to quality and pace. Delivering high-end output for companies from Silicon Valley to Silicon Canals.
Humble and direct
We believe in doing good and being kind to everyone we work with. But we won’t sugar coat things and will always give you our honest view on matters.
We work a lot with internet companies in their growth stage, this means dealing with a lot of unexpected events. You need to scale up rapidly? No biggie, we've done this many times before.
You are in control
Everything we put out, will be entirely within your control. No cumbersome agreements restraining you from moving fast.
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Moving fast? So should your website.

Noco is a web studio that helps internet businesses grow rapidly. No expensive developers, no cumbersome agreements, and most importantly, no long trajectories.

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Web and UI Design

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Webflow Development

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SaaS Strategy

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Copywriting + Brand Response

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Visual and Brand Design

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Integration and Automation

Jelle Bot
Founder & CEO
Reila Tang
Head of Design
Wes Botman
Oleksandra Balkazhian
Lead Webflow Development
Andre de Waard
Custom Development
Nick Ebbelaar
Webflow Development
Marc Meyer
Kishan Chamman
Founder & CTO
Ian Piepenbrock
Lead Video and Animation

Our offerings

Full Web Consult

A complete blueprint to take your web presence to the
next level.

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Zero-to-one Web Sprint

Noco’s most popular package to build a complete new website for your business
in a matter of weeks.

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On-and-on Marathon

Accelerate your business with our continuous design and development support.

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Want to become a Nocoder?

Passionate about building intuitive and state-of-the-art websites? Excited about helping businesses grow? We are always on the look out for talented people.

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