Top-notch websites and shops that we are proud of.

Edge Impulse portfolio
Company website
Studio Heilder

Animation studio that translates information into illuminating stories, through splashy animation videos and crystal clear graphic design.

SaaS Website
The Validation Company

Validate upfront with us and get a complete validation report and an actionable plan to start building within 2 weeks.

Sele Portfolio
Edge Impulse portfolio
Company website
Edge Impulse

A leading development platform for Machine Learning

E-commerce & Company website
Studio Selé

Timelessly designed beds with the finest mattress available

Sele Portfolio
Uncommon Portfolio
E-commerce & Website company

Every coffee has its own uncommon story

Company website

A Dutch software product studio with global impact

Eli5 Portfolio
What is no-code?

No-code and low-code solutions are modern tools and applications that enable us to build solutions for web, mobile, and desktop without the need for actual developers. No-code demands almost no knowledge of code and low-code demands a decent level of knowledge. The team at Noco also consists of trained developers so that we can use both. If a part within your project demands custom development, we can also help with that.

What kind of things does Noco build?

We are solely focusing on building websites and e-commerce sites. While it’s possible to build small and simple applications with the use of no-code solutions, we are not convinced yet by the quality of this approach. As a subsidiary company of Eli5, a software product studio, we have quality as a top priority.

How does Noco take on projects?

We are a design first company. Are you interested in starting a project with us then we kick this off with a visioning session to fully understand your project and your business. We use a battle tested method to get you from idea to live website and apply a fixed rate to our services.

What can I expect on terms of designs?

Our team consists of heavy weights in the realms of UX Design, UI Design, Digital Strategy, and Interface Development. A close knit collaboration between these disciplines results in high-end design and smooth user experiences.

Who takes care of the hosting?

Noco fixes everything for you. We set up the hosting and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Am I stuck to Noco after the website is delivered?

Definitely not. The last thing you want is being stuck to an agency. We find it very important that you are in full control of everything we’ve built together. We know not every agency works this way, so let us put this very clear. Every domain name or account will be put on your name, and you’ll receive the login credentials. The same approach counts for intellectual property.